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Vibrant, romantic, playful. These are words that often describe our wedding portraits. In truth, these words are actually describing our couples; we're just there to photograph them properly. Love is full of life, full of color, full of laughs and full of connection. By mastering light and creating an environment that our couples are comfortable in, we are able to create photographs that are not only artful but that truly capture the essence of each couple.


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The majority of our couples tell us that having us photograph their portraits was their favorite part of their wedding. We believe in customizing our wedding portrait sessions to each couple, so that the photographs not only create art for them, but so that they also capture who they are together as a couple. Some of our couples are more playful than others, some are more affectionate, some are serious and glamorous and some are adventurous and silly. We get to know our couples so that we can create stunning, meaningful photographs of them that can display proudly in their homes.

We know how intimidating it can be to have your photos taken. Very few people feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is where we shine and why you hire us. We are experts in all types of lighting, so no matter what your wedding day throws at us we can rock out incredible portraits for you. Sometimes the universe gives us perfect light, and sometimes we have to create our own. Either way, we're prepared.

We're also experts in making our couples feel comfortable, and giving them direction that feels like who they are. If you and your partner are affectionate with each other, then capturing that romance and sexy vibe is important to us. If you're more playful and silly with each other, then we focus on having some laughs and having you interact with each other, all while placing you in the perfect light so you look amazing. Want to get some dirt on your dress or scuff up your shoes? We're down to get as adventurous as you want to get, or stay as clean as you want to.

Our images are sophisticated yet playful. They're bold but have authenticity to them. They're sexy, yet can still be silly. Our images are just like our couples.