Ben & Kelly Photography


Do you always shoot as a team?

No. While we got in to wedding photography because we loved shooting together, we have become very busy, and not all couples need two lead photographers. We offer different packages for different weddings. Smaller, more intimate weddings may only need one photographer. Larger, more involved weddings may benefit from having two lead photographers. And sometimes our couples just want to have both of our smiling faces at their wedding! When you check availability we'll fill you in on the options.

You talk a lot about the energy you bring to the day. What exactly are you talking about?

Wedding days are emotional days. They are filled with love, laughter, stress, timelines, heat, cold, tears, smiles - you name it! Our approach to wedding days is to deliver you incredible imagery while also delivering you an incredible experience during your wedding day. We are there to add to the positive energy and make your timeline of events as fun and enjoyable as we can.

I notice your work is very consistent and has a certain style to it. Will our images look like what you show online?

Yes. We do not chase trends. We like to think of our work like a Mercedes Benz. Our images are super sophisticated now, but will be equally as elegant 20 years from now. If you are looking for the latest processing trend or hipster style, we are not the right photographers for you. If you're after fun, vibrant, emotional, sexy and sophisticated images, then you are in the right place!

Can you explain your style and approach a little further? We want real moments captured but we also want to look good!

We spend 95% of your wedding day documenting real moments. Our goal is to deliver photographs that allow you to remember what your day felt like from as many different perspectives as we can. When it's time for your wedding portraits, we will step in and pose you as much as you need or as little as you need so that you look AMAZING and have a blast while doing it!

I love how dramatic and emotional your images are, but sometimes I like soft and pretty images too. Do you do that?

As artists, we try to approach your wedding day with an open mind to create images that are truly unique to your day. By our nature, we are drawn to high contrast and dramatic lighting, whether it be available light or creating our own lighting, and that's what we mostly show on our website. However, there are thousands of images for each wedding that we don't show online. If we know a client loves softer backlit photographs, we make sure we spend ample time creating those images for them while still capturing images in light that draws us in.

Do you do posed family photos?

Absolutely. We feel that these are some of the most important images of your day.

Do you take photos of our reception and flowers and details?

Absolutely. We feel that these are almost as important as your family portraits, and document your details in a sophisticated way so the photographs are just as creative as the rest of your wedding collection.

Can we provide you a "shot list"?

Other than your family portrait shot list - no. If you are hiring us as your wedding photographers then you trust us to document your day. The way we are able to create such beautiful, unique and creative visual diaries of our couples' wedding days is by being creative and free to see the way the day is unfolding.

Do you shoot video also?

We do offer a multi media collection that adds video and audio capture during your day to enhance you photos with a beautiful video piece as shown here on our website. We are not there to be your wedding videographers, and we will not document the entire day in both photo and video. We are absolutely there to be your photographers, and will chose moments where video and/or audio may enhance the overall story of the day. Many couples find this option to be a great solution for them when being on the fence about hiring a videographer as well as a photographer.

How do I hold a date?

Dates are available on a first come first served basis. Because we always try to shoot as a team we are only able to book 1 wedding per date, so if you are serious about having us at your wedding please do not delay. A signed contract and paid retainer is required to hold a date.

Do we need to meet to discuss the details?

This is totally up to you. We do so many destination weddings that meeting isn't always possible. We obviously want to make sure our energy and your energy vibe well, and we like to be able to discuss the day in detail with you so we can answer all your questions. We love coffee, and we love cocktails, so we're always down to meet, but we can also have a skype session or phone call or just chat via email. If you would like to meet in person our office is in Downtown Phoenix at 734 W Polk St inside of the McKinley Club.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Our clients can either pay in full at booking, or pay a 50% retainer at booking with the balance due by day of, or we can split the total into equal monthly installments that can be paid through our online payment portal.

How many images should we expect to be delivered?

We typically deliver around 50 images per hour. However, we are never aiming at a certain number. We are aiming at quality only. If a wedding is super strong in moments or details that number may be much higher. It is not our job to be taking photos. It is our job to be thinking about the next great photo we can make.

How long does it take to receive our images after the wedding?

It is our goal to deliver your online gallery within 30 days of your wedding. Certain times of the year are extremely busy and may push us out to 90 days. While we strive to deliver your images as quickly as possible, our editing process is very involved and we don't want to rush it just to make a delivery date. Trust me, we're just as excited to get you your images as you are to see them!

Do we get to keep the digital negatives?

Yes. Everything we do is structured the way we would want it if we were hiring a photographer for our own wedding. You will receive the high-resolution files with full print release.

Can we do our own printing or do we have to print through you?

We would really encourage you to at least talk to us about printing through our professional lab, but you can print wherever you'd like. There is such a huge difference in quality between a professional lab versus a Costco/Walgreens/etc. You've invested in photographers to deliver amazing quality images, we'd love to see the images printed professionally.

If we choose to do an album, how does the process work?

A fine art wedding album is the ultimate way to display your images and tell the story of your day. We custom design the album layout for you and then send you the proofs online so that you can make any changes you'd like. Once the final draft is complete it typically takes 4-6 weeks for the album to arrive at your door.

What is the online gallery?

The online gallery is a web link to all of your images. Your guests and family are welcome to download any of the images and share them on social media. They can also order prints directly through the online gallery so your not bothered with any of that.

Do you recommend an Engagement Session?

Only if you want one. We love them and so do our clients that do them! Engagement Sessions give you a chance to make some incredible images without the timeline of your wedding day, and give us a chance to get to know you better so we have a great connection come wedding day. It also gives your family and bridal party a chance to see how awesome we photograph you so they're excited to see us on wedding day. Sometimes Engagement Sessions just aren't practical, especially for our destination weddings. We have a proven system and a way of shooting that will rock your world whether we shoot together before your wedding or not.

Do you have certain locations for Engagement Sessions?

We want your Engagement Session to not only deliver amazing images, but we want it to mean something to you as well. We have a consultation with you about the style and look you want and work with you to select the best place to do your session.

What is a Day After Session?

Our Day After Sessions are what we used to call "trash the dress" sessions. Some couples really want adventurous bride & groom portraits but don't want to get dirty or sweaty on the wedding day so they elect to do a shortened portrait session on wedding day and then get back into their dress and suit the day after (or anytime after the wedding) when they're a little more daring. You do not have to "trash" anything if you don't want to, although we are willing to be as daring and dirty as you are.

Do you ever offer discounts for off-season or mid-week weddings?

No. The nature of our business is that we really don't ever have an off-season or down days. If you have budget concerns we'd love to talk to you about them, and possibly create a custom collection for you.

Do we have to feed you?

If we are at your wedding all day and you don't want hangry wedding photographers we would suggest you do.

Can we have you travel to our destination?

Of course! If you would like us at a location further than 150 miles from Scottsdale, Arizona, we have an all-inclusive travel price that gets us there.