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Day In The Life of the Litchfield Family

Alicia is a mom with strength unparalleled.  This family has been put through the gauntlet over the last few years, losing both her brother who was killed in action in Afghanistan and then her father just months after. Yet they have come out of it closer and more supportive then ever.  The house is never quiet with so much family around – five adults, 2 adorable kids, one on the way, and 3 cuddly dogs.  But it is so full of love everywhere you turn.  They live in a gorgeous green landscape – something I am not used to seeing, just minutes from Wisconsin and Lake Michigan, but Alicia says it is brutally cold in the winter.  I will take her word on that one since my desert blood freezes in anything under 80 degrees. 🙂  In fact, I was freezing that evening and it was still summer!  Her husband is currently on deployment in Kuwait and they are lucky to get to Skype with him every few weeks.  The night of the shoot was one of those lucky days and I felt so honored to be able to catch such a rare moment on camera for them.  In fact, the kids were already in bed when he called, but it was a great reason to wake them back up.  Alicia, who is currently expecting her third adorable kiddo, just graduated from nursing school, runs this family, cooks the meals for everyone, and does it all with a quiet smile.  She is an inspirational mother to us all.  This was easy to see as the two boys came home from school raring to go.  You would never have known they had been in school all day and that it was the end of the week.  Nope, they looked as fresh as the morning dew and full of energy!  These 2 little guys stole my heart immediately, their facial expressions alone made documenting them a pure joy for me.  And you can see they sure like to push all the buttons when they can…I feel for ya Alicia!  I also know what life with little boys is like.  Constant and wonderful crazy.  Anyway – it was such a pleasure for me to get to spend a few hours with this wonderful family and create a little piece of life to share with dad whenever he is missing them.

So without further wait I introduce you to the Litchfield Family.  Meet Alicia, Damon (via Skype), Derrion, and Dominic.