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About Ben


A little about Ben.


Ben's career as an artist started at an early age when he became immersed in music. He discovered his love for photography in high school, and he won grand prize is his first statewide photography competition for a landscape image he took in south Florida. 

His passion for music and photography were always rubbing elbows with his other passion – fishing. He attended the Northern Arizona University school of Fine Arts on a full ride scholarship as a piano major, but after college his love for fishing won out, and Ben became a professional bass fisherman and fly fishing guide.

It was his time guiding that ultimately led him back to photography. While guiding Ben would photograph his clients, focusing on the moments of the day and the relationships between anglers, and would deliver images at the end of each day documenting his clients day on the water. 

Some of those image ended up being purchased for publications, and Ben started getting large corporations hiring him to document various events, which led to commercial work all around the country.

"The greatest wedding photographer in the whole world"

- our son Kolton, age 7

It was only after photographing a friends wedding that Ben and Kelly realized that they were destined to be wedding photographers, and have since devoted their lives to refining their craft and creating one of a kind client experiences for their couples.

When I'm not in a suit at your wedding -